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Now it's EASY to start your own

podcast and video channels


Speak Up offers COMPLETE done-for-you podcast & video service, as well as a comprehensive and easy-to-understand Podcasting Academy.

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How It Works

It's time to connect with your customers at a whole new level. Take the first step now.

Now is the time to start that Podcast & YouTube channel that you’ve been procrastinating about for whatever reason, so you can do one of two things:

  • book in a time to chat with one of our team to find out how Speak Up can move your business to a whole new level, OR
  • head off to the Services page to pick your package and get started right now!

Imagine if you had your own...

podcast and video channels

Speak Up is a COMPLETE done-for-you podcast & video service. We do the technical work and allow you to connect with your customers at a whole new level, effortlessly gaining credibility for the minimum amount of your time and effort.

Do you already have a podcast / YouTube channel but you've never really done anything with it?

Did you know that the vast majority of people who start a podcast stop before they release 8 episodes? If that’s you, that’s actually fantastic because it can make the whole process a lot quicker and easier.

If you head on over to our Packages page, you can check out how the amazing team of experts at Speak Up can help you by tailoring a package to get your podcast / YouTube channel up and running in no time..

Alternatively, you can book in a time to chat with one of our team to find out how Speak Up can move your business to a whole new level.

Why Podcasting Works

It's Easy For You To Do

I expect that you’re fully aware of ALL the reasons why people don’t have their own podcast or YouTube channel because otherwise you’d be the proud host of your own channels and reaping the massive rewards of having them by now, right?
But let’s go over some of the more popular ones…

It Gives You Unsurpassable Credibility And Exposure

Success today is all about connecting with your customers at a personal level and allowing them to see the real you.

We’re way past the time when the odd newsletter or the occasional blog post was sufficient to connect with your clients. These days people want to know who the person is behind the business/message.

Podcasts & videos allow you to connect with people at a whole different level. Speak Up helps you to do that with minimum fuss and expert guidance.


See what our customers say

We provide the best service to our customers at Speak Up Collective. 


Speak Up Collective is a COMPLETE done-for-you podcasting & video service that goes way beyond any normal expectations.

We not only give you a recorded podcast, but also a video, a transcript of the conversation AND all the social media graphics you need.

On top of that, we post your audios and videos to your podcast & YouTube channels, as well as to the Speak Up Collective Podcast & YouTube channels (double bonus!).

Oh, don’t have your own channels? We thought of that, too! 


We’ll record your first three conversations, each of which will be either 15 or 30 minutes long.

We’ll create your channel graphics from your company logo, along with a fabulous-looking intro & outro, complete with catchy theme tune, for both the podcast & the video.

Then we’ll set up your podcasting channel, getting it on to more than 40 platforms, as well as setting up your YouTube channel.

And then we give you a personalised link that shows your podcast on ALL those platforms rather than having to share one link for each platform.

Once your initial episodes are completed, all three will be posted to your brand spanking new channels and the Speak Up Collective channels.


This is a massive advantage and one that most people don’t think about till they’re faced with it.

Which would you prefer: having a conversation with a skilled and friendly interviewer asking the right questions and prompting you or reading from a script and talking (probably in a dull monotone) to your computer camera?

Which one do you think is going to create more rapport with your customers?

Marketing today is all about credibility and connecting with your customers, as well as letting your customers get to know the real you (that’s a scary thought!).

*NOTE: We don’t appear in your video or audio. This is your production, we just make sure you sound your best and that conversation flows.


Where do we begin? There are so many advantages to having a highly skilled team of professionals set up your podcast and YouTube channels.

You don’t have to learn how to use all this new equipment and technology.

No subscribing to seemingly endless apps & programs.

No struggling for years trying to build up a decent audience that makes putting in all that hard work worth while.

No more procrastinating for hours over that blog post because you can’t think of what to write or worrying whether it’s good enough or not.

Just purposeful, entertaining, compelling and professional productions that showcase you and your business in the best light.


It’s so heartbreaking to put all that effort into setting up your podcast channel, recording some episodes…

And then finding out that you’re just not getting the downloads or listens?

We’ll take your existing episodes, give them a rebrand with a new intro, new music and professional editing, bringing them right into alignment with where you’re at now.

Your revamped channel with new logo and graphics will go up onto more than 40 platforms, massively increasing your reach.


For around 3 hours of your time, you’ll get:

  • your podcast channel set up and your podcast out to more than 40 channels
  • your YouTube channel set up, complete with SEO
  • your first three episodes professionally edited and produced
  • a professionally produced intro complete with music
  • your episodes framed complete with social media links and buttons
  • outro and YouTube end screen

You get to connect with your audience, gain massive credibility, and improve your marketing reach for just 3 hours of your time and as little as 20 minutes a month* going forward.

*It takes approximately 20 minutes to record one 15 minute episode and around 3 hours of your time to do the initial setup