About Us

About Us

A few words about Karen

After one of her children bought her a book titled “Blogging for Dummies”, Karen O’Connor found herself drawn into the big online world of blogs, social media, videos and podcasting. 

Four years later, she's published more than 150 podcast episodes and is in the top 20% of podcasters in the world. She's also published several hundred blog posts on her own website as well as for other people's sites and online magazines.

Bringing Out The Best In People

We love getting to know people

Getting to know people and having people relax and be themselves is one of our superpowers. Now it's time to use that ability to move your business forward.

What recommends us?

What recommends us?​​

Karen is a skilled interview host, with an ability to make people feel comfortable which allows their personality to shine through. Scary as it may be, allowing people to know the real you - the one your friends know - is an absolute necessity in today's world.


The most memorable conversations are the ones which involve a little fun and laughter. Karen has a way of lightening conversations, making them more engaging and memorable.


Between them, Karen and her tight knit team, have a huge depth of experience in audio & video editing, interview techniques, graphics, design and podcast and video distribution.

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