06 – Channel Graphics


We'll create the graphics you need to make your podcast stand out from the crowd including your channel art and banners

Cost: $349-$399



We'll create the graphics you need to make your podcast stand out from the crowd. Note: Apple requires a specific size and resolution of graphic and won't publish your podcast till you get it right, we've known people who've been stuck at this point for weeks! And until it's on Apple, a lot of other platforms won't even acknowledge that a podcast exists.

We'll work with you to create your:

  • Podcast channel art, and
  • Podcast channel banner, and/or
  • YouTube banner

How we'll do it:

  • You'll complete a detailed questionnaire about your ideas, channel and requirements
  • You'll be speaking to the person who is designing your artwork to help you effectively communicate your vision
  • You'll call your designer on zoom and/or message them on our dedicated platform to talk through your needs or requirements
  • We allow for adequate revisions. If you're testing the friendship, we'll let you know
  • Your designer will come up with a few drafts for you to review based on the information that you provided
  • We'll work hard to get your first concept drafts to you within 3 business days of having all your information

Cost: $349-$399

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