Launch – YouTube Only


  • Set up YouTube channel, including graphics
  • Edit, release 3 episodes
  • Detailed support throughout the process
  • Cost: $1799

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This is where we do all the hard work of setting up your new podcast channel, the bit that puts most people off ever doing anything like this!

  • Hold an onboarding call with you to start the process
  • Get you to complete a launch questionnaire to help you define your podcast
  • Create a launch timeline
  • Give you guides to help you name your channel, write a great channel description, write your shownotes and create scripts (if you wish)
  • Give you information on equipment and hints about recording
  • Create your new YouTube channel art
  • Help you find suitable music for the intro & outro
  • Edit & produce THREE video episodes
  • Edit & produce your channel trailer
  • Set up your YouTube channel including graphics
  • Put your episodes & trailer up on your YouTube channel
  • Give you instruction videos and PDF downloads on how to use all the platforms
  • And all this will take ABOUT THREE HOURS of your time, you lucky, lucky thing.

Cost: $1799

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