Relaunch – YouTube Only


  • Set up new YouTube channel, including graphics, SEO, etc
  • Bring existing episodes across to new channel
  • Cost: $1699



Relaunch & rebrand your YouTube channel

Everything changes over time but that doesn't mean the hard work that you've already put in needs to go to waste.

We'll do everything that we do for a new channel launch PLUS we'll edit your old episodes, add your new intro & outro to them, edit them if necessary and bring everything over to your new channel.

  • Hold an onboarding call with you to start the process
  • Get you to complete a launch questionnaire to help you define your podcast
  • Create a launch timeline
  • Give you guides to help you name your channel, write a great channel description, write your shownotes and create scripts (if you wish)
  • Give you information on equipment and hints about recording
  • Create your new podcast channel art
  • Help you find suitable music for the intro & outro
  • Bring your old episodes across to your new channel
  • Edit & produce your channel trailer
  • Set up your podcast channel including graphics, get your podcast up into more than 45 directories
  • Create a unique shortlink for your podcast allowing your audience to choose their favourite player easily
  • Put your episodes & trailer up on your podcast channel
  • Give you instruction videos and PDF downloads on how to use all the platforms
  • NOTE: This price does not include rebranding any episodes. Cost to rebrand and edit each episode is $109

Cost: $1699

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