Why You Need To Start A YouTube Channel Today

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When I first started my podcast, it was just a podcast. Sometimes, it was just me talking, sometimes I'd interview friends, occasionally in person (I learned a few lessons about recording in person, but more about that later!) but mainly over zoom, which meant that I was recording video but only using the audio…

Which doesn't make sense.

Why would I record the video and then not use it? I had several friends who have highly successful YouTube channels, so why couldn't I make the most of what I was doing and use the video as well as the audio?

I also noticed that many technical podcasts had a downloadable transcription of their episodes and it got me thinking: people learn in different ways. People like to relax in different ways. I would never sit down at a computer to watch a video about anything. I once paid a fortune for a course that turned out to be video only. To this day, I haven't watched most of the course content. I just don't have the time or the inclination to sit in front of a computer screen for that long. I want notes that I can read. Other people (my husband, for one) want to listen to things, as they're driving, working out, doing gardening or housework.

Those lessons led me to create Speak Up in a way that satisfies those three types of audiences:

  • those who want to watch,
  • those who want to listen, and
  • those who want to read

What I teach and what I do for people is to set themselves up so they're covering all their bases:

  • They record in video and release that to their YouTube channel
  • They release the audio-only version to their podcast channel
  • They transcribe the episode and use it as a blog post or newsletter item

See? It makes sense, huh?

If you want step-by-step instructions on how to start your podcast and YT channels in just SIX WEEKS, then make sure you check out our Speak Up Collective Podcasting Academy.

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